Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is a freestanding storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending outward from a single vertical column. This rack type is most commonly used for long length product storage allowing forklift access with awkward items to be easily loaded and unloaded without interference of the racking structure itself.

Available in either Single Sided or Double Sided configurations and available in Powder Coated finish for Indoors and Hot Dip Galvanised for Outdoor applications.

Upright Pallet Racking & Shelving supply Cantilever Racking that is designed under the European standards F.E.M 10.2.09 and is compliant in Australia.

Common Applications Include:

PVC Pipe
Steel & Aluminium
Wooden Crates
Carpet Rolls
Outdoor Hot Dip Galv

Pricing for a Basic HD Cantilever Unit

(4x Storage Levels suit 6m lengths)

Please Note:

  • Various arm lengths, Column heights & Capacities available on request.
  • Prices of Cantilever units DO NOT include Installation.
  • A 1-2 week lead time is expected with larger orders.
Single Sided Option


  • – 4x Cantilever 4267mm Columns
  • – 4x Single Sided Bases
  • – 12x 1200mm Articulating Arms
  • – 4x Base Protectors
  • – 3x 1500mm Bracing Set
Double Sided Option


  • – 4x Cantilever 4267mm Columns
  • – 4x Double Sided Bases
  • – 24x 1200mm Articulating Arms
  • – 8x Base Protectors
  • – 3x 1500mm Bracing Set

High Density Pallet Storage

There are 4 main types of High Density Pallet Storage designs commonly used across a variety of applications.

  • Traditional “Drive-In” Pallet Racking is a basic block stacking design and uses the First In Last Out ( FILO ) principle, this is the most cost effective design suitable for large numbers of the same SKU’s.
  • “Drive-Thru” Pallet Racking is similar to the Drive-In design but is open at both ends allowing the First In First Out ( FIFO ) principle, this is quicker than Drive-In with faster stock movements.
  • “Push Back” Pallet Racking uses mobile trolley units and are angled on an incline towards the entry of the racking system, the First In Last Out ( FILO) applies, As the pallet is taken it is replenished automatically.
  • “Pallet Flow” Pallet Racking provides continuous flow of stock across incline rollers loaded at one end and picked from the other, First in First Out ( FIFO ) applies and is perfect for pallet rotation.

Common Applications Include:

Bulk Bag Storage (FIBC)
Cold Storage
Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Seasonal Produce
Freezer Storage
Food & Beverage

Drive- In Pallet Rack

(FILO) First in Last Out Principle

  • Lowest cost per pallet option
  • Higher density, lower selectability
  • Ideal for storage of the same SKU type

Drive- Thru Pallet Rack

(FIFO) First in First Out Principle

  • Faster stock movement than Drive-In
  • Normally requires 2 forklifts in operation
  • Ideal for time sensitive & perishable products

Push Back Pallet Rack

(FILO) First in Last Out Principle

  • Forklift manouvers quick and easy as it does not enter storage lanes
  • Replenishment is automatic as trolleys are tilted on an incline
  • Highest density option as no aisle space is required

Please Note:

  • All High Density Systems have a 8-10 week lead time.

Pallet Flow Rack

(FIFO) First in First Out Principle

  • Flow Rack is the fastest option, ideal for perishable goods
  • Replenishment is automatic as pallets are inclined
  • Brakes are included on rollers for speed control

Galvanised Racking

Upright Pallet Racking and Shelving supplies the option of a Hot Dipped Galvanised finish to various types of racking systems.

This finishing process is designed for racking installed into very harsh environments with repeated exposure to water and moisture. Extremely durable with an extended life span, galvanised racking does not chip or rust like standard racking finishes.

Galvanised Drive-In
Galvanised Cantilever
Galvanised Pallet Racking

Common Applications Include:

Corrosive Chemical Storage
Cold Rooms & Freezers
Garden Centres
Exposed Outdoor Racking

Please Note:

  • Outdoor racking applications: When racking is exposed to wind actions
    racking shall be designed in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 (R2016)
    Structural design actions Wind actions.
  • Galvanised Racking has a 1-2 week lead time for larger orders.

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